What We Stand For / Our Approach

What We Stand For

Our efforts are always based on our core values of: reliability, integrity and proximity – and transparency. We operate in “plain language”.

Our core competencies are to design leadership and organizational change programs.
In addition to facilitating the implementation of the planned activities, and ensuring execution, we use strategic deployment, with associated action and control meetings, as a tool to ensure achievement of the set goals. These meetings will be in a clear structure from top to bottom throughout the organization.



Our Approach

We strive to work multidimensional, integrated, collaborative and on-site (in the organization, rather than in the class room). We do this because our experience tells us that this ensures the most sustainable change in behaviour.

Rather than using “push” we always seek to create a “pull” at all levels of the organization, by taking point of departure in an analysis of facts and data regarding the organizational reality. We firmly believe that the right way to meet the organization is through coaching. For example, to try to understand before being understood, and to meet the individual manager where he or she is. This both in terms of maturity level and the physical location in the organization.

In coaching the emphasis is on the manager’s ability to act and execute the decided improvement activities. We describe this as a more “normative form of coaching” because of that the “coaching-playing field” is relatively clearly written in the form of a “performance contract”. We are committed to facilitate the manager’s development of both the Managerial- as well as the Leadership skills.

We work both Pan-Scandinavian and in English from both a cultural and language perspective.

We are a member of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and adhere to the International Code of Ethics for coaching and mentoring.

The Strategic Alignment Framework
Efficiency depends on the ‘fit’