Services - Tools and Methods

Services – Tools and Methods

Our deliverables are not ‘off-the-shelf’. We design all our activities based on the client’s critical need for change and often we also help the company to assess and identify these needs. Tools and methods have been acquired and developed continuously through 25 years of working with assignments within all types of larger and smaller companies across industries and countries.

Companies today face growing demands for change – while increasing the complexity of the changes. Therefore, the crucial factor is not what is delivered, but how it is delivered. To design development programs with the right content is not so much a challenge as it is ensuring execution and return on investment. Beneath is a number of angles which we believe are the key to success.

The maturity level of the management team

is crucial for success. We facilitate the development of the management team’s openness and effectiveness, tightly coupled to their organizational reality and challenges.

We focus on narrowing the gap between a given perception of reality and an objective reality – what is actually our position as a management team? A crucial factor for the match between the management team’s performance and its real position is ‘Willpower’!

Leadership is a multidisciplinary challenge

requiring constant training and development. The leadership role is situational, but basically exercised best through a coaching approach (Situational Leadership). This requires that the leader is “present”, where values are actually created by the employees – and that the manager understands the work, and knows her/his numbers and processes.

Furthermore, it requires that the ‘toolbox’ is fully equipped including tools such as: planning, communication, conflict management, problem solving, negotiation techniques, meeting management, etc. All tools we are able to add and train in workshop form as required.

Change management

In times of extreme change it is a concept almost synonymous with management. Nevertheless, it is a discipline, which places great demands on both long-term planning and follow- up, together with here-and-now conflict management. To understand the patterns of human reactions, and different stages they go through is a critical leadership skill. We train leaders to work with this on a coaching and systematic manner.

Personal development

is always a part of the organizational development program. Either explicitly or implicitly. Besides, personal development is a natural derivative effect of our coaching approach. We use, and are accredited to many psychometric instruments, including MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Jungian Type Index (JTI), FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation) and SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory). The personal development is taking place through the team development process as well as through 1:1 coaching.

(policy deployment, process optimization, visual management and systematic problem solving)

is often a part of the change assignment. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing LEAN from project to enterprise level, with an approach that does not create mistrust and resistance within the organization but on the contrary works as a motivating and contributing factor.

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